Worm compost bin South Africa

Worm Bin (45L) with worms

Our worm bins are hardy, robust and deep, moulded just for this purpose and built to last. The three-tier system makes collection of vermicompost and worm tea easy and convenient. All you need is a level piece of ground outside of direct sunlight and preferably close to your kitchen!

Worm composting bins are a great way to recycle your food scraps into nutrient rich organic fertiliser. The delightfully named ‘Red Wriggler’ (Eisenia Foetida) worms breed quickly and happily eat food scraps to produce a rich, dark, compost (worm castings) that is great for the garden and even potted plants. You will also collect the deliciously dark ‘worm tea’ which is like liquid gold for your plants.

* Includes free delivery nationwide and starting population of 100 worms (happily packaged in an aerated box within)

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