Broadfork tool for breaking ground, loosening soil, increasing soil health and biodiversity.


A broadfork is a no-till garden tool used to loosen instead of turning soil, which increases soil health by allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate to depth. Not only is broadforking good for the soil, but it’s an ergonomic workout that’s a helluva lot less back-breaking than using a spade or garden fork.

Broadforks are indispensable in small scale sustainable farming, but we believe that every community or market garden should have one, and just every garden too! Ours are 100% locally made to be durable, fun to use and easy on the eye! Find out more on our broadfork blog.

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*Due to high demand we currently have a 10-day lead time. 

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Makhro ecobait snail bait

Makhro Ecobait snail bait


A bait formulation for the control of snails and slugs.

RESIDUES: Because the active ingredient is a compound found naturally in the soil, and the percentage of active ingredient applied in these crops is far less than the limited daily dietary intake. The Department of Health indicated that is no need for an MRL (Maximum Residue Limit).

If you are looking for an eco-friendly insecticide to control snails and slugs – this is it!

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Our Vision To have a trusted marketplace for finding rare, unusual (and common) plants either in your neighbourhood or throughout South Africa. There is a huge variety of amazing plants,
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