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Stanler Farm Potting Soil

Stanler Farm potting soil is a mixture of our weed-free compost, composted bark and sand. It is ideal for planting vegetables and pot plants, as it provides fantastic nutritional value and the perfect base for healthy happy plants.

The sand helps with drainage and the bark slowly breaks down over time, releasing additional nutrients into the soil. Potting soil allows potted plants to grow healthily, as using normal ground soil or topsoil will not be effective for these plants.

Potting soil is lighter, which makes it more effective for use in a pot. This also means that the pots will not easily be broken or damaged by the soil when you fill it.

Because our potting soil contains weed-free compost, there will be air pockets created in the soil, making it lighter and airier for better drainage. Plants are able to root effectively in this nutrient-dense soil, which will reduce any damage caused by inclement weather.

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Worm compost bin South Africa

Worm Bin (45L) with worms

Our worm bins are hardy, robust and deep, moulded just for this purpose and built to last. The three-tier system makes collection of vermicompost and worm tea easy and convenient. All you need is a level piece of ground outside of direct sunlight and preferably close to your kitchen!

Worm composting bins are a great way to recycle your food scraps into nutrient rich organic fertiliser. The delightfully named ‘Red Wriggler’ (Eisenia Foetida) worms breed quickly and happily eat food scraps to produce a rich, dark, compost (worm castings) that is great for the garden and even potted plants. You will also collect the deliciously dark ‘worm tea’ which is like liquid gold for your plants.

* Includes free delivery nationwide and starting population of 100 worms (happily packaged in an aerated box within)

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⁕ Franschhoek Open Garden Festival

Open: 3 – 5 November 2023 The Franschhoek Open Garden festival prides itself on offering a diverse array of gardens, catering to various preferences. From charming village gardens to stunning

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Garden Pride South Africa

Garden Pride Foliar Feed

GARDEN PRIDE 2:1:2 (41) 46% available nutrients

Remember green fingers are not enough. GARDEN PRIDE Soluble Foliar Feed is a subtle blend of 11 nutrients in the exact amounts that plants require for vigorous growth.

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Trelmix trace nutrients South Africa

Trelmix – Trace Element Mixture

Trelmix – The Solution for Healthy Plant Growth
Trelmix Trace Element Mixture is a micro-element compound that contains all 6 micro-elements, plus magnesium, essential for the growth of all trees, shrubs, potplants, lawns, vegetables and seedlings.

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Super soil

Super Soil

Super soil, this soil has more compost added – it has an even mix (1:1) of compost and topsoil. This makes it more fertile and especially good for growing vegetables. Perfect for your veggie boxes!

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