⁕ Helderberg Hospice Open Gardens

Last held: Saturday 9 – Sunday 10 October, Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 October 2021 Dates still to be announced for 2022. Beautiful gardens, all with their own character, will

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Garden Pride South Africa

Garden Pride Foliar Feed

GARDEN PRIDE 2:1:2 (41) 46% available nutrients

Remember green fingers are not enough. GARDEN PRIDE Soluble Foliar Feed is a subtle blend of 11 nutrients in the exact amounts that plants require for vigorous growth.

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Trelmix trace nutrients South Africa

Trelmix – Trace Element Mixture

Trelmix – The Solution for Healthy Plant Growth
Trelmix Trace Element Mixture is a micro-element compound that contains all 6 micro-elements, plus magnesium, essential for the growth of all trees, shrubs, potplants, lawns, vegetables and seedlings.

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Atlantic Flower and fruit

Atlantic Flower and fruit

Is a superior enriched organic fertiliser that combines the benefits of both organic and chemical fertilisers. Promote abundant flowers and fruit in your ornamental and vegetable garden.

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Atlantic bio rock root builder for sale online

Atlantic Bio Rock Root Builder

Bio Rock is a unique blend of the highest quality organic fertiliser and is enriched with sedimentary soft rock phosphate and contains high levels of calcium.

A highly concentrated natural product, Bio Rock also promotes faster, healthier, sustained growth for all plants.

Bio Rock is widely used by professional horticulturalists throughout South Africa in the successful planting and production of commercial crops of vegetables, flowers, fruit, trees and plants.

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Wonder plant starter

Wonder Plant Starter All Purpose 2:3:2 (14)

A complete granular fertiliser for feeding and planting most garden plants. Wonder 2:3:2 (14) + C (8) SR* Bio Carbon Boost Granules is a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium for foliage growth, flowering and fruiting.


  • Sustained release of Nitrogen.
  • Abundance of colourful flowers.
  • Vigorously growing plants.
  • Strong Luscious growth.
  • Fast acting and economical.
  • Enhances root growth and less volatile.
  • Promotes vigorous vegetable and flowering shrub growth.

Size: 2kg | 5kg | 10kg

Where can it be used? Ideal for all outdoor plants. Perfect for beds and borders.


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