Atlantic Flower and fruit


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Atlantic Flower and fruit

Is a superior enriched organic fertiliser that combines the benefits of both organic and chemical fertilisers. Promote abundant flowers and fruit in your ornamental and vegetable garden.


5 in stock

Atlantic Flower & Fruit combines the best of both worlds; its organic base provides a full range of plant nutrients in a slow release form, whilst the carefully selected water-soluble nutrients have been added to maximise the performance of each application.

Flower & Fruit is ideal for all flowering and fruit bearing plants (except indigenous plants and bare-rooted roses). Rather use Bio Ocean in this instance. Bio Ocean is also better suited for herbs & veggies.


  • An increase in quantity and quality of blooms per bush
  • An increase in quantity and quality of fruit
  • Increased resistance to diseases and pests
  • A more robust and healthy plant
  • Atlantic fertiliser is a premium South African brand

Application rate: Apply Flower & Fruit evenly to pre-soaked soil around the drip line of the plant or tree and water again, well. Keep fertiliser at least 20cm away from the base and avoid contact with foliage or flowers. Apply after signs of new season growth and thereafter every 6-8 weeks throughout the growing season. Apply Atlantic Bio Ocean in winter.

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